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Flyer Printing In Our City

As I sit here in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter waiting to put up signage at Le Coop, the citys premiere Free Range Rotisserie chicken restaurant. I look around at the thriving business area that really is helping shape Belfast into the City of the future and I’m glad to be apart of it.

Filled in part with nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and then again as a business district with solicitors, arts centres. businesses within the tech centre such as…

USPS could make $485m a year from 3D printing industry, says report

The emergence of 3D printing technology could be a $485m-a-year opportunity for the US Postal Service.

That’s according to a new white paper from the USPS Inspector General.

Three-dimensional printing, in which printers build solid objects layer by layer using plastics, powders, metals or other materials, are already being used to make items ranging from airplane parts to personalised iPhone cases.

The Inspector General’s paper suggests that the future of the technology…

Maximize Your Budget When Printing Flyers

There is no doubt that flyers are effective marketing tools. In fact, they have been used several years ago and until now, they are still popular. Flyers are simple and are easy to produce. They can reach a wider group of audience and can sometimes be very personal. Therefore, many business owners choose flyers for marketing their products and services. If you are contemplating on printing of flyers, this article will cover some information that you need…

Printing Presses of Capitalism – Belfast

Serene Sense of Tranquility among Buy-and-Hold Investors, On March 4th, Warren Buffett told CNBC that investors should not to pay much attention to short-term moves. “Most investors are blinded by the markets’ gyrations and spend far too much time trying to form macro opinions or listen to market predictions, rather than investing simply and prudently for the long-term. Games are won by players who focus on the playing field, not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard,” Buffet said….

3D Bio Printing Organs

Do you have an organ donor card? Every year, thousands die because of the lack of donor organs available.  But with technology moving at incredible speeds, one day it could be possible to walk into a hospital and have whatever organ you need.

Although this dream is still far away from reality, researchers have been trying tobio-print tissues and organs for those who are affected by various diseases and traumas.  Recently, scientists have been working on bio-printing artificial vascular…

Page Size for Printed Leaflets and Flyers

Leaflets and flyers are a popular promotional tool for businesses of all sizes, but for SMEs, they are often a core part of how they promote their products and services.  With the cost of print often putting smaller companies off using larger formats, it’s important that they decide on the right size of page for the job.  Below, I take a look at some of the most popular page sizes for printed leaflets and flyers, and when these…

500 Ill. Workers to Lose Jobs When Woodstock Printing Plant Closes

About 500 workers in Illinois will lose their jobs when Quad/Graphics closes its printing operation in Woodstock later this year.

The closing stems from Quad/Graphics’ recent $100 million acquisition of Brown Printing Co.

Spokeswoman Claire Ho said Wednesday that Quad/Graphics is integrating Brown’s operations with its own. The moves meant the closing of the Woodstock operations and a facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where about 280 workers will lose their jobs.

Woodstock and St….

The Great Outdoor Advertising opportunity 

Spring is definitely here which means summer is just round the corner. During the summer months people spend a lot of time outdoors making the most of any days of good weather. You can capitalise on this surge of outdoor living by taking your advertising outside too.


There’s a good range of outdoor advertising that will be weatherproof so the great British summer doesn’t wash away your posters or make your banner ink run! PVC and PVC & mesh banners…

BMW workers push 3D printed thumbs through holes in bodywork

BMW IS OFFERING workers at its Munich car plant 3D printed prosthetic “super thumbs” to reduce stress on their joints.

The thumbs, which are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), are custom made by scanning each worker’s hand with a mobile hand scanner and then 3D printing the result layer by layer, producing a perfect second skin that combines safety and comfort.

Many jobs on a car production line involve pushing rubber plugs or other insertions into…

Belfast Telecom Company moves into telematics

Belfast-based Vodafone gold partner and solutions specialists Connect Telecom has added to its product portfolio with the launch of a telematics solution.

Telematics uses SIM-based GPRS connectivity to track a vehicle’s location and other data to allow companies to analyse the data and improve performance. Users simply install a telematics box inside the vehicle and it will feed back in real-time to data centres. Key metrics include fuel efficiency, driver behaviour and the ability to track…